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Genesis of skynet was founded in 2017 and is based on 103, James Bourchier Blvd 1407 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Genesis of skynet comes to bring a new, innovative philosophy concerning communication and recreation of the electronic social networking of man from one end of the world to the other, regarding man’s value.

Thus, Genesis of skynet born Doitliketakemoney.

Doitliketakemoney is a web page through which everyone can make and search friends using their personal profile or by creating various events or groups in which their friends will be invited.

Doitliketakemoney’s difference from other ways of e-social networking, is hiding on the postings made by each user. Moreover, through their personal profile or the closed teams they have created, they will have the opportunity to make coupons that match the points and then make Like - Superlike - Megalike and share points in his friends' posts, giving the relative value that s/he thinks is worth for a group-events friend.

In such manner, all the friends who are active in this way of entertainment, share in their turn their own points.

Doitliketakemoney participants are right to have reached the age limit of their maturity set by each state they live in.

Doitliketakemoney registration is free, but for those who want to participate more active in their entertainment can get token vouchers. Each user who participates with a token voucher, will be awarded from

Doitliketakemoney with a plus of some points that adds extra money on his voucher.

Every time your friends get their own vouchers and give your name in the registration form as an originator, then Doitliketakemoney awards you by giving you points according to the purchase of vouchers made by your group - events friends.

Afterwards, every user’s profile is informed about the points s/he has at his disposal at any time by looking at what values he / she corresponds to. In this way, the user can see in the discount vouchers what is available and the amount that corresponds to the points, in order to pronounce it in the form of redeems and to redeem what s/he wishes. The time of redeeming from the moment the statement is made including the proportionate actions, is within 3 days.