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1. From our profile homepage (

2. You click Store Menu->Products

3. You enter to the online shop where you can select a category (i.e. Money Cash):

4. Where you can show products and information. You click on Product Details and you see analytically the product information:

5. You click Add to Cart and the product is added to the purchase form:

6. You get a confirmation message that the product is added to the purchase form:

7. You close the window by clicking Χ

8. You return to the previous screen and you click on Store Menu->My Cart:

9. You see the purchase form with all the products you have chosen (in our case just one):

10. You can see and change your personal data:

11. You can see the product you added to the form:

12. You can insert the coupon (if available – in this example, yes):

13. You click Enter your coupon code, you enter the coupon code you already redeem and you click Save

14. You check the button Terms Of Services and you choose Confirm Purchase:

15. The process is completed by promoting us on the PayPal page where you can use an existing account to make your purchase or create a new one (see How to buy points–which is explaining how to use PayPal).