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1. From our homepage (, select Register account button:

2. The registration form opens as below. Fill in all fields with the asterisk (required), check Terms and conditions and click Next:

3. The second page of the registration form is displayed. We also fill in the required fields (*):


Note: In the Advisor_ID field, fill in the User ID (number) of the user who suggest you the site (User ID is provided by the user-rapporteur) in order to log in.

4. Click on the Register button.

5. The third page of the registration form appears where we can insert a photo for our profile:

6. Press Select file...  select the photo you want and click Upload. (If you want to skip this process press Skip button)

7. The process is completed by taking the following message:

8. In your email you will receive a message to activate your personal account.

9. Pressing Back to home button returns to the home page.