STEP 1) Go to the homepage of

STEP 2) Choose 1 of the 3 translation languages ​​of the doitliketakemoney website


STEP 3) Select the field (Account Registration)


STEP 4) Fill in your details in the registration form and read the Terms - Conditions if you agree and click the field (NEXT)



STEP 5) In the field (RAPPORTEUR CODE) enter the userid of the friend who invited you (Ask them)

STEP 6) In the field (COLLABORATED STORE) select if your account is for a store account NOTE If you select YES the functions and rights on the website are different as this acceptance has to do with activating your business cooperation with eshop of for the purchase of packages and contract renewal.

If you select NO the functions have to do purely with the functions and rights of the user on the website of

BHMA 7) In the field (ADDITIONAL CODE) you place if you wish one of your beneficiaries. then install its userid. NOTE The beneficiary must have opened a personal account at where he will have received a number (userid) from his registration system at and then gives it to you and place the userid in the field .

STEP 8) Then press (register)


STEP 9) Select a photo of yourself from your own files and double click on it with a allowed file size of 64MB

STEP 10) Click the field (Upload) to post your selected photo on the personal profile of the website of that you create

STEP 11) If you do not want to create the image of your profile when registering, click the field (Abandonment)


STEP 12) Your account on the website of has been completed successfully, click the field (Back to Home) to return to the homepage of


BHMA 13) Then go to the email you stated in the registration form above

STEP 14) welcomes you and sends you an activation link, click on it so that you can access the website from now on.